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(These links take you to a test area of the Lambert website.  Eventually they will be moved onto my website as tutorials.)

Thanks for visiting.

I am a crafter and owned by pets.  I am new to quilting but enjoying it as much as the painting and other crafts I have tried.

I am blessed to have good friends, family and a job that I enjoy.  

Though I  am on a league and made the website, I do not claim to be a bowler (highest score 190, lowest 82 in league play).  I was lucky to receive an award for the highest handicap series for the entire year, earned on the very last  night of league play this year. Time to quit while I'm ahead!  

This site is quite basic because I am building a corporate web site for a concrete specialty manufacturer:   Lambert Corporation   with tons of downloadable materials that just take soo much time to create!

I will be adding more to this site soon.   Please visit again soon.

You can reach me several ways:

Send me an online message!    After sending the message, click the BACK arrow to return to this page.

Other options:
-  Click the link to send me an email
message, or
-  The link to "My Unified Messaging Center" provides many ways to reach me, including 2 way chat without installing any program.


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